Research Reflections – LIS Webinar Series

In 2017 LISRA will be hosting the Research Reflections in LIS Webinar Series

Eager to ensure the webinar series meets the needs of the Australian LIS community, all library and information science practitioners, students and researchers are invited to submit ideas or topics for the series.

What would you like the webinar series to include?  We are looking for a wide range of ideas. For example, perhaps you would like for us to arrange:

  • A presentation by current LIS practitioners on how they are using a particular research method (i.e. action research, ethnography) to gather the evidence needed to make decisions and design services.
  • A panel session examining new and emerging concepts such as critical librarianship or the application of critical theory to inform and guide professional practice.
  • A workshop on how to find funding opportunities and how to write successful grants to obtain funds to undertake evidence-based practice.

All ideas and suggestions are very welcome!

Email your submissions to by October 31st 2016.