Project Information

The Library and Information Science Research Australian (LISRA) is a three-year project funded by the Australian Research Council.

Project Aim

The broad aim of the project is to encourage and enable research culture and practice within the Australian Library and Information Science profession.

Project Research Questions

This project will address five research questions:

  1. What are the research priorities in the Australian library and information profession?
  2. To what extent is research valued and has impact on the practice of Australian library and information professionals?
  3. What capacity does the Australian library and information profession have for research?
  4. What are the existing and potential links between Australian library and information practitioners and academic researchers?
  5. How can the Australian library and information profession build a culture of research, to enable the adoption of the “practitioner-researcher” approach to professional practice?

Project Outcomes:

The project will have a number of significant outcomes:

  • Undertake a complete analysis of LIS research practices and issues in Australia.
  • Establish an empirically derived evidence base on research within Australia’s library and information profession.
  • Develop a framework that provides a set of strategic directions and recommendations for sustainable research LIS culture and practice in Australia.
  • Establish a community of practice that brings together LIS practitioners and researchers to work on a research issue identified as important to the Australian LIS sector.
  • Create an online space to support Australia’s LIS practitioners and researchers to engage in open dialogue on research in the profession and to establish research collaborations.
  • Host a series of free events to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of LIS research issues and opportunities in Australia.